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About MoTech Software


With 10+ years of development experience, we have helped countless clients in numerous industries, from banking, healthcare, education and everything in between.

We're passionate about good design and making easy to use applications that our clients enjoy using everyday.

We work closely with our clients and have developed relationships that have lasted years. We do this by ensuring our software matches their needs at a reasonable cost.


We understand data is a company's most valuable asset and we want you to make the most of yours.

We also know that the right software can transform the way a company does business, removing inefficiencies, repetitiveness and streamlining processes.

By investing in a custom software solution, rather than an "off the shelf" application, our clients maximize their ROI and ensure their software is working for them and not the other way round.


We use the powerful FileMaker platform which allows us to quickly develop easy to use applications for your desktop, web or mobile devices.

Using FileMaker Cloud or your own onsite server, you can easily access your application from anywhere, while 

FileMaker's powerful AES-256 encryption ensures your data is safe and secure.

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